Sunday, 27 August 2017

UPDATES: Into 3rd Day of Military Offensives on Rohingya Civilians in Northern Arakan

Source Rohingyablogger, 27 Aug

We are now into the third day of the Myanmar military's full blown offensives on the Rohingya population across Northern Arakan. Below are the reports we have recieved so far on the third day (August 27, 2017).

1- A Rohingya youth named 'Shafiullah' from 'Saangri Fara' in Minbya Towndhip was reported to havd been killed by the Rakhine extremists at 5pm on August 26

2- 26/8/2017 7pm: The Myanmar armed forces began torching Rohingya homes at 'Wachcha' village in southern Maungdaw

3- 12:30am 27/8/2017: The Myanmar authorities are using Hindus (Rohingya look alike) in the downtown of Maungdaw and making them chant 'Allahu Akbar' to trigger the Rohingyas to come out on streets at night.

26/8/2017 7pm: armed forces began torching homes at '' village at southern .

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4- 10am 27/8/2017: There's a full blown war on the Rohingya population by Myanmar armed forces in over 2 dozens of places now across Northern Arakan.
A total state of chaos, killings, mass-killings! Tortures and burningw all over! International Intervention is urgently needed!

5- 9:30am 27/8/2017: Around 50 Myanmar military have been raiding 'Thay Chaung' village in 'Taung Pyo Let Wai' and indiscriminately shooting anyone encountered to death.

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