Monday, 17 October 2016

Myanmar Genocide of Rohingya People enjoys Double-Impunity

Source maungzarni, 13 Oct

Myanmar - this time under Aung San Suu Kyi's leadership has launched another wave of attacks - security forces killing innocent Rohingya men, children and women. This act of killing members of the Rohingya group enjoys what I call 'double impunity":

first, the impunity from the genocidally racist society at large including "pro-human rights" NLD rank and file, as well as the top leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi; and second, the international impunity as in UN dropping its watch on the Rohingya persecution

Aung San Suu Kyi has shifted her position, rather grudgingly, on the Rohingya persecution only because - as she herself has said it on CNN interview with Zakaria - 'the issue is what the international community focuses on (she means 'fixated" or 'fussed over'), implying that she does not consider this an issue that merits her attention, on its own right.

I simply cannot conceive of a scenario wherein the persecution - at this genocidal level - will be ended, without any strong external intervention, something that will simply not happen.

Historically, no genocide is ended by the internal social forces - because these forces are typically part of the genocidal process.

We have a Catch-22 in Burma, and the Rohingya will continue to be destroyed from their existential foundations.

The Burmese generals are cleverer than Hitler and the Nazis. They set the process of destroying the targetted victim community in motion almost 4 decades ago, and they let it simmer, they let it spike, they let it plateau and they are now revving it up.

The latest framing of the issue of "extremism" 'terrorist attacks", and the frenzied racist "Buddhist" public gets whipped like Pavlovian experimental animals howling and barking in support the regime's killing of innocent Rohingya - men, women and children, burning down whole villages, firing rocket launchers into Rohingya villages.

Bangladesh has sealed off its Burmese-Bangladesh borders, closing off any safe passage to safety for the fleeing Rohingya. To control the public outrage among the Muslim populations in Bangladesh Bangladeshi government has effectively censored the news coverage of the latest wave of killings of the Rohingya in Burma.

The night gets darker and longer - with no morning rays on the horizons for these poor helpless souls.

This is the kind of world we live in. Maybe the world has never been enlightened or kind or intelligent.

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