Saturday, 1 November 2014

17 Innocent Rohingyas Sentenced To Five Years Imprisonment With Hard Labor

Source RB news, 31 oct

Maungdaw, Arakan – The Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) and the Myanmar Army have raided many villages in Maungdaw Township of Arakan State over the past month. They have arrested many innocent Rohingyas on the false accusation that they connected with rebel group which isn't in existence in Myanmar nor Bangladesh. 

At at 2pm on October 27, 17 innocent Rohingya arrestees appeared at the Maungdaw Township court. They were arbitrarily sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labor. The court had accused them of violating Immigration act no. 13/1. An innocent Rohingya, Mufizurahman (a.k.a) Kyaw Myint s/o Basa Miah (Age 42) from Bandoola village argued to the court that he has never been to Bangladesh and that he had never seen that country. The judge dismissed his rebuttal and responded to him that they were arrested and sentenced for living in a border area. 

None of the innocent arrestees were allowed to hire a lawyer to defend themselves. Their family members were not allowed to appear at the court. The so-called plaintiffs, the BGP, couldn't prove that their accusation was true. The arrestees were unjustly sentenced by the courts.

According to locals, another six innocent Rohingyas have been prosecuted with the same act. Their family members are worried as they will be sentenced the same as the previous 17 innocent Rohingyas. 

The authorities are keeping all of the arrestees away from their family members. None of them are able to meet with their love ones or allowed to hire a lawyer.

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