Saturday, 10 May 2014

16 Month Old Rohingya Baby Died In Sittwe Hospital; Dead Body And Mother Missing

Source RB, 9 May

Sittwe, Arakan – A 16 month old Rohingya baby died in Sittwe general hospital. According to locals her mother who had accompanied her is missing.

16 month old Nur Aisha had been suffering with high fever for the past three months. She couldn't talk or open her eyes. Dr. Ba Khin, the in-charge of the clinic in Dar Paing refugee camp told the parents of the patient to admit her to Sittwe general hospital on May 8, 2014. Then Nur Aisha's mother, Shaizam (Age 28) admitted her there. 

Nur Aisha and her family live in West Basara (West San Pya) refugee camp in Sittwe. The Rohingyas in Basara refugee camp told RB News that they were informed by Dr. Ba Khin that Nur Aisha died in the hospital two hours after being admitted. Yet, the dead body of Nur Aisha and mother Shaizam has not been returned to the camp. They said the body and Shaizam should be returned by the police escort the following morning. They also do not know where to ask about the dead body and the missing mother.

However, some other Rohingyas in Sittwe said the phone line connection was unavailable for the whole day. So they were unable to contact the hospital. Another source said that today the diplomatic delegations arrived to Sittwe and they have visited Aung Mingalar quarter. All security forces were busy and it is possible that no one was ready to escort the ambulance. It is only possible to investigate more about missing dead body and mother on Saturday morning.

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